Welcome to VINTAGE COFFEE. Our concept is simple; through an appreciation of fusion and a blend of passion, we have found a way to give back to the community. While you sip on your brewed mixture of South American and African coffee beans, we donate to charities. Every month, we select 3 charities. Upon purchase of your coffee, we will give you a token. You then choose which of the three charities you would like to support. The charity with the most tokens at month’s end receives our monthly profits. Like we said; simple. Our minimalist style aims to take nothing away from our sole purpose; to give back while enjoying the taste.

Much like our marriage, our coffee is a blend of South American and African origin. The Brazilian bean and the Tanzanian bean produce a flavour that is fruity at first but with a powerful overtone of smooth chocolate. It is fun but serious; it gets the job done in a delightful way.


About Us

We are a coffee shop that exists for others and our city. We are dedicated to giving away a portion of our profits to a different charity every month, within our city and reach…

Why We Give?

We give because we want to support those that are doing a world of good right here in our communities…

Our Coffee

Our coffee comes with a story, it’s not just your average coffee thats been picked and roasted…